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What is Free Spirit Anarchist Journal?

Many of us have identified a stagnancy in the movement - comparable to the anarchist forces worldwide, we are relatively weak and divided. Our attentions are on a spatter of topics, usually single-issue forms of community activism. Our weak forces need some form of 'vision' of what anarchism could mean in its varieties. This journal hopes to interest writers, anarchists, and militants on the ground to engage in well-meaning discourse to better educate people interested in anarchism.

Free Spirit enables writers to discuss their understanding of anarchism and how it could be applied in the real world without editorial oversight. We provide a tool for learning about the vast litany of revolutionary theories of anarchism, history & culture from various perspectives.

Theoretical understanding of anarchism in its variety could be a valuable resource for young revolutionaries on a forum encouraging free speech and comradely criticism;

 to learn how to think for themselves. When an individual has a comprehensive understanding of anarchism and their struggle and sees those anarchists taking action for another, we may find commonalities and common threads... maybe even unexpected compatriots.

We were tired of the inevitable backwards and forwards on social media discussions - a fake forum that regards the most outrageous, as knowledgeable or worthy of undue attention given the algorithms - social media is a digital wasteland, a circus and as its antidote: Free Spirit Anarchist Journal aims to provide readers and writers with the unedited prospect of honest discussion and food for thought. Submissions from readers will be published in our Heretic Corner (To Be Built).

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